Mashpee SEPAC



Welcome to the web site of the former Mashpee Special Education Parents’ Advisory Council (SEPAC). We’re a group of concerned parents in Mashpee, Massachusetts, who have children with special needs.

It has been our goal to provide parents in Mashpee with a place to get more information about special education -- we hope to have been a resource for parents of children with special needs, providing advocacy, support and networking resources. This website has been maintained to allow the parents from Mashpee and beyond to continue to access information and resources in order to help their children with special needs.

This group was open to all Mashpee parents or guardians, not just those with children already in the Mashpee Public Schools’ Special Education program.

Please contact the Mashpee Special Education Department for more information regarding the formation of the new Parent Advisory Council. Thank you.

Mashpee SEPAC Webmaster

Bonnie Cohen

Previous Mashpee SEPAC Chairperson

Peter A. Cohen

PAC Email News List

Please visit the mailing list information page for instructions on how to join our list service for parent support.

Mission Statement

To continually offer resources and guidance to parents by being an integral part of the community, having each family feel directly connected and empowered to support one another while they prepare their special education child for their own life's journey.